Librnet Project

Under Construction


"...Due to original design flaw, I'm working on a new library version: Librnet2
There's no source code available yet since I'm thinking about some internal stuff too.
I hope to come up soon with a new, almost totally rewritten (code and ideas) version..."

Well, if you're still interested in this "old" stuff, here you go.

Librnet, Library for Raw Networking aims to provide powerful and easy-to-use raw networking API to the programmers who whish to develop
their own `low-level' network related software, whithout thinking too much at the underlay layer.
Obviously little TCP/IP knowledge is required to write network related programs and thus, to use this library.

You can download the tarball and playing with the library and you can also browse some examples which are, however, enclosed in the source tarball.
Patches are always available as soon as possible.
Hopefully this will show you the main idea behind librnet.

Keep in mind that librnet is Open Source, still fully developed. For this reason, unfortunatly, it leaks of some basic useful routines, it could be
bugged even if the core is completely done (well, almost all :))

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Let me know what do you think about this project and feel free to contact me.