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Archivio: Giugno 2006 ml@sikurezza.org
Soggetto: [ml] Uninformed Journal Release Announcement: Volume 4
Mittente: Gaetano Zappulla
Data: Thu,  8 Jun 2006 22:14:32 +0200 (CEST)
IMHO *molto* interessante come "e-zine", da seguire.

-------- Messaggio Originale  --------
Oggetto: Uninformed Journal Release Announcement: Volume 4
Data: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 13:53:42 -0500
Da: Uninformed Journal <sflist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
A: bugtraq@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Uninformed is pleased to announce the release of its fourth volume.  The
articles included in this volume are:

- Engineering in Reverse: Improving Automated Analysis of Windows x64
  Author: skape

- Exploitation Technology: Exploiting the Otherwise Non-exploitable on
  Authors: Skywing & skape
  [Pending coordinated disclosure in August, 2006]

- General Research: Abusing Mach on Mac OS X
  Author: nemo

- Rootkit Technology: Grepexec: Grepping Executive Objects from Pool Memory
  Author: bugcheck

- What Were They Thinking?  Anti-Virus Software Gone Wrong
  Author: Skywing

This volume of the journal can be found at:


About Uninformed:

Uninformed is a non-commercial technical outlet for research in areas
pertaining to security technologies, reverse engineering, and lowlevel
programming. The goal, as the name implies, is to act as a medium for
informing the uninformed. The research presented in each edition is
simply an example of the evolutionary thought that affects all academic
and professional disciplines.

  - Uninformed
    staff [at] uninformed.org

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