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Archivio: openbsd@sikurezza.org
Soggetto: [Fwd: 2.7 release announcement!]
Mittente: Igor Falcomata'
Data: 19 Jun 2000 16:19:06 -0000

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 2.7 release announcement!
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 10:33:01 -0600
From: Theo de Raadt <deraadt@cvs.openbsd.org>
To: announce@openbsd.org

	      ___                 ___  ___  ___      ___      ____
	     | . | ___  ___ ._ _ | . >/ __>| . \    /_, >    |__  |
	     | | || . \/ ._>| ' || . \\__ \| | |     / /  _    / /
	     `___'|  _/\___.|_|_||___/<___/|___/    /___|<_>  /_/

- OpenBSD 2.7 RELEASED -------------------------------------------------

June 15, 2000.

We are quite pleased to announce the official release of OpenBSD 2.7.
This, our 7th release on CDROM (and our 8th via FTP), is just another
step along the path our developers started on more than five years ago
(October 18, 1995).  Just like all our previous releases, 2.7 provides
significant improvements including new features in nearly all areas of
the system:

- Hardware support is improved		(http://www.OpenBSD.org/plat.html)

  - particularily in the i386 and sparc ports.

  - Support for all new Adaptec, NCR, Qlogic, and Advansys SCSI cards.
  - Many new Ethernet devices supported, including SiS900/7016,
    Adaptec Starfire, 21143, Sundance ST201 (DEC DFE-550TX), etc.
  - Many improvements in USB support, including support for USB Ethernet
    devices like the ADMtek USB, CATC USB, and Kawasaki USB.
  - A good start at CARDBUS support, and significant improvements to
  - Support for many more wireless networking cards, ie. WaveLAN,
  - Hypersparc support for the sparc port.
  - Support for most of the gigabit Ethernet cards on the market, ie.
    SysKonnect, Intel, and Alteon-based.
  - Support for the ICP Vortex RAID controller.
  - Support for large PC's using multiple PCI busses based on the Intel
    or RCC ServerWorks chipsets.
  - New audio drivers, including Neomagic, C-Media CMI8x38, and USB
  - Improvements in PCI IDE subsystem, including new support for AMD

- Security is strengthened even more

  - A bunch of minor security problems have been solved since 2.7,
    exclusively related to localhost denial of service or non-default
    We are proud that so few security problems needed solving since the
    previous release; it shows that our two-year long proactive security
    auditing process is a success.  While serious security problems are
    in other operating systems on a weekly basis, we have come out
pretty much
    unscathed over the last 2 years.

  - Some new proactive measures have been taken, again.

- Even more cryptography is integrated

  - OpenSSH has been improved, debugged, and now supports both SSH1 and
    protocols.  This free implimentation of the ssh protocols that our
    has been working on for almost a year is gaining acceptance on other
    operating systems as well.  For more information, see the OpenSSH
    or simply install OpenBSD 2.7 and try it out. 

  - Like the 2.6 release, the installation process installs the SSL
version of
    the library is added to the system at install time, permitting SSL
and RSA
    applications to work normally.  These applications now include
    isakmpd, and ssh.  SSL libraries are included for both the
    and non-commercial US communities.  This is the last OpenBSD release
    will need to do this trick, since the RSA patent expires on
September 21.

  - The IPSEC code is even more reliable, and the IKE isakmpd is now
    completely standards compliant and robust.  IPSEC performance has
    improved when using software cryptography, but we also added support
    for symmetric cryptographic cards, starting with the cards based on
    HiFn 7751 encryption processor which can do > 60Mbit/sec of 3DES
    without straining the processor.  See http://www.powercrypt.com for

  - Support for encrypting swap space.

- Many other bugs fixed			(http://www.OpenBSD.org/plus27.html)

- The "ports" tree is greatly improved

  - The 2.7 CD ships with many more pre-built packages for the common
    architectures.   The FTP site contains hundreds more packages (for
    important architectures) which we could not fit onto the CDs.  A
list of
    those packages is appended below.

- Many subsystems improved since the last release:

  - XFree86 3.3.6
  - gcc 2.95.2
  - perl 5.6.0 plus a few fixes.
  - Apache 1.3.12 + Mod_ssl 2.6.2 + OpenSSL 0.9.5a, DSO
  - ipf 3.3.14
  - groff 1.15
  - sendmail 8.10.1
  - lynx 2.8.2 with HTTPS support added
  - sudo 1.6.3
  - Recent ncurses release
  - Latest KAME IPv6 as of mid-May 2000.
  - KTH Kerberos 1.0 
  - OpenSSH 2.1

If you'd like to see a list of what has changed between OpenBSD 2.6 and
2.7, look at

Even though the list is a summary of the most important changes made to
OpenBSD, it still is a very very long list -- more than 700 major

This is our eighth OpenBSD release, and the seventh release which is
available on our own CDROM.  Our releases have been spaced six months
apart, and we plan to continue this timing.

- SECURITY -------------------------------------------------------------

Once again, because of our continual search for security problems,
between the creation of the OpenBSD 2.7 FTP/CDROM binaries and the
actual 2.7 release date, our team found and fixed some new security
and reliability problems (note: most are minor, and in subsystems that
are not enabled by default).  Our continued research into security
means we will find new security problems -- and we always provide
as soon as possible.  Therefore, we advise regular visits to

- CDROM SALES ----------------------------------------------------------

OpenBSD 2.7 is also available on CDROM.  A 2-CD set which costs $30USD
is available via mail order and from a number of contacts around the
world.  The set includes a colourful booklet which carefully explains
the installation of OpenBSD.  A new set of cute little stickers are also
included (sorry, but our FTP mirror sites do not support STP, the
Sticker Transfer Protocol).  Profits from these sales are the primary
income source for the OpenBSD project -- in essence selling these
CDROM units ensures that OpenBSD will continue to make another release
six months from now.

For more information on ordering CDROMs, see
The above web page lists a number of places where OpenBSD CDROMs can
be purchased from.  For our default mail order, go directly to

The Canadian SSL ordering system has been improved so that shipping
into the USA will now take much less time, due to a distribution point
in the USA.  Also, a seperate quantity of CDROMs are being produced in

All of our developers strongly urge you to buy a CDROM and support our
future efforts.  As well, donations to the project are highly
appreciated, as described in more detail at

- T-SHIRT SALES --------------------------------------------------------

The project continues to expand it's funding base by selling t-shirts
polo shirts.  And our users like them too.  We have a variety of shirts
available, with the new and old designs, from our web ordering system at

With this release, we introduce 2 new shirts.

- FTP/HTTP INSTALLS ----------------------------------------------------

If you choose not to buy an OpenBSD CDROM, OpenBSD can be easily
installed via either the FTP or HTTP protocols.  Typically you need a
single small piece of boot media (eg. a boot floppy) and then the rest
of the files can be installed from a number of locations, including
directly off the Internet.  The following list is a simple set of
instructions to ensure that those who install via FTP or HTTP find all
the documentation they need while doing an install (with the CDROMs,
the necessary documentation is easier to find).

1) Read either of the following two files for a list of ftp/http
   mirrors which provide OpenBSD, then choose one near you:

2) Connect to that ftp/http mirror site and go into the
   directory pub/OpenBSD/2.7/, which contains these files and
   directories.  This is a list of what you will see: 

	Changelogs/      X11.tar.gz       mac68k/          sparc/
	HARDWARE         amiga/           mvme68k/         src.tar.gz
	PACKAGES         ftplist          packages/        srcsys.tar.gz
	PORTS            hp300/           pmax/            sun3/
	README           i386/            ports.tar.gz     tools/
	SIZES            log27            root.mail

   It is quite likely that you will want at LEAST the following files
   apply to all the architectures OpenBSD supports.

	README		- generic README
	HARDWARE	- list of hardware we support
	SIZES		- recommended partition sizes
	PORTS	        - description of our "ports" tree
	PACKAGES	- description of pre-compiled packages
	root.mail	- a copy of root's mail at initial login. (This is
			  really worthwhile reading).

3) Read the file README.  It is short, and a quick read will make sure
   understand what else you need to fetch. 

4) Next, go into the directory that applies to your architecture, say it
   is i386.  This is a list of what you will see:

	CKSUM             INSTALL.os2br     cdrom27.fs     misc27.tgz
	INSTALL.ata       INSTALL.pt        comp27.tgz     xbase27.tgz
	INSTALL.chs       MD5               etc27.tgz      xfont27.tgz
	INSTALL.dbr       base27.tgz        floppy27.fs    xlink27.tgz
	INSTALL.i386      boot.catalog*     floppyB27.fs   xserv27.tgz
	INSTALL.linux     bsd*              game27.tgz     xshare27.tgz
	INSTALL.mbr       bsd.rd*           man27.tgz

   If you are new to OpenBSD, fetch _at least_ the file INSTALL.i386 and
   floppy27.fs; the README file lists both as required for installation.

5) If you are an expert, follow the instructions in the file called
   otherwise, use the more complete instructions in the file called
   INSTALL.i386.  INSTALL.i386 may tell you that you need to fetch other

6) Just in case, take a peek at:
   This is the page where we talk about the mistakes we made while
   creating the 2.7 release, or the significant bugs we fixed
   post-release which we think our users should have fixes for.  Patches
   and workarounds are clearly described there.

Note: If you end up needing to write a raw floppy using MSDOS, look in
      pub/OpenBSD/2.7/tools for the "rawrite.*" files.

- XFree86 FOR MOST ARCHITECTURES ---------------------------------------

XFree86 has been integrated more closely into the system.  This
release contains XFree86 3.3.6.  Most of our architectures ship with
XFree86, even the sparc and alpha.  During installation, you can install
XFree86 quite easily.  Be sure to try out xdm(1) and see how we have
customized it for OpenBSD.

- PORTS TREE -----------------------------------------------------------

The OpenBSD ports tree contains automated instructions for building
third party software.  The software has been verified to build and run
on the various OpenBSD architectures.  The 2.7 ports collection,
including many of the distribution files, is included on the 2-CD set.
Please see PORTS file for more information.

Note: some of the most popular ports, e.g. the apache web server and
several X applications, are now a standard part of OpenBSD.  Also,
other popular ports have been pre-compiled for those who do not desire
to build their own binaries (see PACKAGES, below).

- BINARY PACKAGES WE PROVIDE -------------------------------------------

A number of binary packages are provided.  Please see PACKAGES file
(ftp://ftp.OpenBSD.org/pub/OpenBSD/PACKAGES) for more details.
We especially recommend the use of the ssh package.

- SYSTEM SOURCE CODE ---------------------------------------------------

The CDROMs contain source code for all the subsystems explained above,
and the README (ftp://ftp.OpenBSD.org/pub/OpenBSD/README) file
explains how to deal with these source files.  For those who are doing
an FTP/HTTP install, the source code for all four subsystems can be
found in the pub/OpenBSD/2.7/ directory:

	X11.tar.gz     ports.tar.gz   src.tar.gz     srcsys.tar.gz

- THANKS ---------------------------------------------------------------

OpenBSD 2.7 introduces artwork and CD artistic layout by Ty Semaka
(who as it happens, performs in a band called the Plaid Tounged
Devils, http://www.thedevils.com/).  Ports tree and package building
by Chris Turan. System builds by Theo de Raadt, Niklas Hallqvist, Todd
Fries, Steve Murphree, Miod Vallat, Mats O Jansson, Marc Espie, and
Bob Beck.  ISO-9660 filesystem layout by Theo de Raadt.

We would like to thank all of the people who sent in bug reports, bug
fixes, donation cheques, hardware that we use.  We would also like to
thank those who bought our previous CDROMs.  Those who did not support
us financially have still helped us with our goal of improving the
quality of the software.

Our developers are:

  Aaron Campbell, Angelos D. Keromytis, Artur Grabowski, Assar
  Bob Beck, Brad Smith, Brandon Creighton, Brian Somers, Bruno Rohee,
  Camiel Dobbelaar, Chris Cappuccio, Christopher Turan,
  Constantine Sapuntzakis, Craig Metz, Dale Rahn, Damien Miller,
  David Leonard, David Sacerdote, Dug Song, Eric Jackson,
  Federico G. Schwindt, Hakan Olsson, Hans Insulander, Hugh Graham,
  Ian Darwin, Jakob Schlyter, Jason Downs, Jason Ish, Jason Wright,
  Jun-ichiro itojun Ha, Kenneth R Westerback, Kevin Lo, Kjell Wooding,
  M. Warner Losh, Marc Espie, Marco S Hyman, Markus Friedl,
  Mats O Jansson, Matthew Jacob, Matthieu Herrb, Michael Shalayeff,
  Miod Vallat, Niels Provos, Niklas Hallqvist, Oleg Safiullin, Paul
  Peter Galbavy, Phillip Lenhardt, Steve Murphree, Theo de Raadt,
  Thorsten Lockert, Tobias Weingartner, Todd C. Miller, Todd T. Fries,
  Wim Vandeputte, and Yannick Cote.

For press contact, please contact press@OpenBSD.org.

- LIST OF FTP SITES ----------------------------------------------------

The following list should be helpful for those who want to install
OpenBSD via FTP.

ftp://carroll.cac.psu.edu/pub/OpenBSD                   Pennsylvania,
ftp://download.sourceforge.net/pub/mirrors/OpenBSD/     Sunnyvale CA,
ftp://filoktitis.noc.uoa.gr/pub/OpenBSD                 Greece
ftp://ftp.au.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD                    Australia
ftp://ftp.bsdfr.org/pub/OpenBSD/                        France
ftp://ftp.calyx.nl/pub/OpenBSD                          The Netherlands
ftp://ftp.chg.ru/pub/OpenBSD                            Chernogolovka,
ftp://ftp.claranet.fr/pub/OpenBSD                       France
ftp://ftp.de.openbsd.org/pub/unix/OpenBSD               Germany
ftp://ftp.dti.ad.jp/pub/OpenBSD                         Japan
ftp://ftp.duth.gr/pub/OpenBSD                           Thrace, Greece
ftp://ftp.eecs.umich.edu/pub/OpenBSD                    Michigan, USA
ftp://ftp.eu.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD                    Switzerland
ftp://ftp.geek-girl.com/pub/OpenBSD                     Illinois, USA
ftp://ftp.gigabell.net/pub/OpenBSD                      Frankfurt,
ftp://ftp.grolier.fr/pub/OpenBSD                        Paris, France
ftp://ftp.inet.no/pub/OpenBSD                           Norway
ftp://ftp.iol.ie/mirrors/OpenBSD/                       Ireland
ftp://ftp.it.net.au/mirrors/OpenBSD                     Australia
ftp://ftp.it.net.au/pub/OpenBSD                         Australia
ftp://ftp.jp.openbsd.org/OpenBSD                        Japan
ftp://ftp.kmitl.ac.th/pub/OpenBSD                       Thailand
ftp://ftp.lip6.fr/pub/OpenBSD                           France
ftp://ftp.netasset.com/pub/OpenBSD                      Fresno, CA, USA
ftp://ftp.netlab.is.tsukuba.ac.jp/pub/os/OpenBSD        Ibaraki, Japan
ftp://ftp.nl.uu.net/pub/OpenBSD                         The Netherlands
ftp://ftp.nz.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD                    New Zealand
ftp://ftp.op.net/pub/OpenBSD                            Pennsylvania,
ftp://ftp.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD                       Alberta, Canada
ftp://ftp.plig.org/pub/OpenBSD                          London, UK
ftp://ftp.radio-msu.net/pub/OpenBSD                     Moscow, Russia
ftp://ftp.rediris.es/mirror/OpenBSD                     Spain
ftp://ftp.src.uchicago.edu/pub/openbsd                  Chicago, IL, USA
ftp://ftp.stacken.kth.se/pub/OpenBSD                    Stockholm,
ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/OpenBSD                          Uppsala, Sweden
ftp://ftp.task.gda.pl/pub/OpenBSD                       Poland
ftp://ftp.th.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD                    Thailand
ftp://ftp.tux.org/bsd/openbsd                           Maryland, USA
ftp://ftp.univ-evry.fr/pub/OpenBSD                      France
ftp://ftp1.efis.ucr.ac.cr/pub/OpenBSD                   Costa Rica
ftp://ftp1.usa.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD                  Michigan, USA
ftp://ftp3.usa.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD                  Colorado, USA
ftp://gd.tuwien.ac.at/opsys/OpenBSD                     Austria
ftp://lager.ucs.ualberta.ca/pub/OpenBSD                 Edmonton, Canada
ftp://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/pub/OpenBSD                  AARNet,
ftp://mirror.nucba.ac.jp/mirror/OpenBSD                 Aichi, Japan
ftp://obsd.compmore.net/pub/OpenBSD                     Kanata, Canada
ftp://openbsd.csie.nctu.edu.tw/pub/OpenBSD              Taiwan
ftp://openbsd.rug.ac.be/pub/OpenBSD                     Belgium
ftp://quasar.uvt.ro/pub/OpenBSD                         Timisoara,
ftp://sunsite.cnlab-switch.ch/pub/OpenBSD               Zurich,
ftp://sunsite.kren.ne.kr/pub/OS/OpenBSD                 South Korea
ftp://sunsite.uio.no/pub/OpenBSD                        Oslo, Norway
ftp://uiarchive.uiuc.edu/pub/systems/OpenBSD            Urbana, IL, USA
ftp://vell.nsc.ru/pub/OpenBSD                           Novosibirsk,

- LIST OF HTTP SITES ---------------------------------------------------

The following list should be helpful for those who want to install
OpenBSD via HTTP.

http://carroll.cac.psu.edu/pub/OpenBSD                  Pennsylvania,
http://download.sourceforge.net/mirrors/OpenBSD/        Sunnyvale CA,
http://ftp.it.net.au/mirrors/OpenBSD                    Australia
http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/OpenBSD                         Uppsala, Sweden
http://gd.tuwien.ac.at/opsys/OpenBSD                    Austria
http://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/pub/OpenBSD                 AARNet,
http://openbsd.rug.ac.be/ftp/pub/OpenBSD                Belgium
http://sunsite.uio.no/pub/OpenBSD                       Oslo, Norway
http://www.openbsd.aba.net.au/ftp                       Australia
http://www.tux.org/pub/bsd/openbsd                      Maryland, USA
http://www.ualberta.ca/FTP/OpenBSD                      Edmonton, Canada

- LIST OF PACKAGES -----------------------------------------------------

	9menu-1.5				mrtd-1.6.0a
	9wm-1.1					mrtg-2.8.12
	ADMfzap-0.1				mtools-
	ADMsmb-0.2				mtr-0.41
	ADMsnmp-0.1				mutt-1.0.1i-curses
	CDDB-1.02				mutt-1.0.1i-slang-imap-pop
	ImageMagick-4.2.9			mutt-1.0.1i-slang
	LPRng-3.6.12				mysql-3.22.32
	MIME-Base64-2.11			nasm-0.98
	MPEG-MP3Info-0.71			nbaudit-1.0
	Mesa-3.0				ncftp-2.4.3
	ORBit-0.5.0				nedit-5.0.2
	PGPlib					nemesis-1.0
	STk-3.1.1				nessus-0.98.3
	Wnn-data-4.2				nethack-3.3.0-x11
	Wnn-xwnmo-4.2				nethack-3.3.0
	XPostitPlus-2.3				netpipe-2.3
	Xaw3d-1.5				netpipes-4.1.1-export
	aalib-1.2				netris-0.5
	abiword-0.7.7				newsfetch-1.21
	abuse-2.0				nmap-2.3b18
	ac3dec-0.5.6				nmapfe-0.9.5
	adcomplain-3.49				nmh-1.0.4
	afterstep-1.8.0				nsping-0.8
	amanda-2.4.1p1				nspmod-0.1
	amaya-2.4				nte-1.7.0
	amaya-english-dict			ntop-1.1
	amaya-french-dict			nvi-m17n-1.79.19991117-canna
	an-0.93					nvi-m17n-1.79.19991117
	analog-4.1				ocaml-2.04
	apc-upsd				olvwm-4.2
	arpcatch				otcl-1.0a4
	arpwatch-2.1a4				p5-DBD-Pg-0.93
	asclock-1.0-breton			p5-DBI-1.13
	asclock-1.0-czech			p5-Mail-POP3Client-2.3
	asclock-1.0-dutch			par-1.51
	asclock-1.0-english			pchar-1.1.1
	asclock-1.0-french			php3-3.0.16
	asclock-1.0-german			pi-address-0.3.4
	asclock-1.0-hungarian			piewm-1.0
	asclock-1.0-italian			pilot-link-0.9.3
	asclock-1.0-norwegian			pilot_makedoc-0.7
	asclock-1.0-portuguese			pkfonts300-1.0
	asclock-1.0-spanish			plor-0.3.2
	asclock-1.0-swedish			png-1.0.3
	asmail-0.50				pngcrush-1.4.1
	aterm-0.3.6				pop3gwd-1.2
	aub-2.0.5				popa3d-0.4
	autoconf-2.13				popclient-3.0b6
	automake-1.4				poppassd-4.0
	axe-6.1.2				postfix-19991231-pl06
	base64-1.0				postgresql-6.5.3
	bash-1.14.7-static			prc-tools-0.5.0
	bash-1.14.7				procmail-3.14
	bash-2.04-static			proxy-suite-1.7
	bash-2.04				psutils-1.17-a4
	beav-1.40-13				publicfile-0.52
	bibview-2.2				python-1.5.2-tk-tools-threads
	bing-1.0.4				python-1.5.2-tk-tools
	bison-1.27				python-1.5.2
	blackbox-			qmail-1.03
	blackbox-			qmailanalog-0.70
	bladeenc-0.92				queso-980922
	blast-1.0				rat-3.0
	bnetd-0.4.19				rc-1.6
	boehm-gc-4.12				rclock-2.6.1
	bonnie-1.0				recode-3.5
	bounix-1.21				remind-0.3
	bricons-3.0				rplay-3.3.0
	buffer-1.17.1				rsync-2.4.1
	bulk_mailer-1.5				rsynth-2.0
	bvi-1.2.0				rtptools-1.9
	bytebench-3.1				rtty-3.2
	bzip2-0.9.5d				ruby-1.4.3
	c2html-0.9				rxp-1.1
	calc-2.11.1t3.0				rxvt-2.7.2
	catdoc-0.90b4				sam-4.3-19980506
	cbb-0.73				samba-2.0.6
	cdrecord-1.6.1				screen-3.9.5
	cfengine-1.4.12				sdd-1.22
	cfs-1.3.3				sdr-2.7e
	cgichk-3.0				serialmail-0.75
	cgiparse-0.8e				setquota-0.1
	cgoban-1.9.10				seyon-2.14b
	checkpassword-0.81			sftp-0.8.1
	clog-1.6				sgmlformat-1.6
	common-1.0.6				sharity-light-1.2
	connect4-3.2				sharutils-4.2
	cops-1.04				shtool-1.4.7
	crack-5.0				slash-3.2.2-e8-x11
	ctm					slash-3.2.2-e8
	ctwm-3.5				slirp-1.0c
	curl-6.5.2				slrn-
	cyrproxy-1.4.2				smurflog-2.1
	d1489-1.4				snort-1.5.1
	daemontools-0.70			socket-1.1
	dante-1.1.1				sox-12.15
	deco-3.8.3				sp-1.2.1
	decss-0.0.5				spider-1.1
	dejagnu-1.3				splitvt-1.6.3
	delay-1.4				squid-2.2
	detex-2.6				star-1.2
	dgpsip-1.32				starlanes-1.2.2
	dialog-0.6z				stat-1.3
	dopewars-1.4.7				strobe-1.06
	dot-forward-0.71			stunnel-3.8
	dsniff-1.5				swisswatch-0.06
	dxpc-3.8.0				tar-1.13
	efax-0.9				tcl-8.0.5
	electricfence-2.0.5			tcl-8.3.0
	emacs-20.3-no_x11			tcpblast-1.0
	emacs-20.3				tcpflow-0.12
	emiclock-2.0.2				tcplist-2.2
	enscript-1.6.1				tcpreplay-1.0.1
	epic4-pre2.507				tcptrace-5.2.1
	erlang-47.4.0				tcs-19950325
	es-0.9a1				tcsh-6.09.00-static
	esound-0.2.16				tcsh-6.09.00
	ethereal-0.8.7				teTeX_base-1.0.7
	expat-1.1				teTeX_texmf-1.0.2
	expect-5.31				texi2html-1.52
	explorer-0.72				tf-4.0s1
	ezmlm-0.53				tidy-13jan00
	fastforward-0.51			tiff-3.5.4
	fetchmail-5.3.8				tintin-1.5.6
	figlet-2.2				tircproxy-0.4.3
	firewalk-0.8				tk-8.0.5
	fltk-1.0.7				tk-8.3.0
	flwm-0.25				tkcron-2.12
	fping-1.20				tkcvs-6.0
	fragrouter-1.6				tkinfo-2.5
	freeciv-1.10.0				tkrat-2.0b9
	freefonts-0.10				tosha-0.6
	freetype-1.3				tracker-5.3
	freeze-2.5				trafshow-3.1
	fxtv-0.48				transfig-3.2.3
	gd-1.8.1				transproxy-0.4
	gdbm-1.8.0				tvtwm-pl11
	getbdf-1.0				ucspi-tcp-0.88
	gettext-0.10.35				unace-1.2b
	ghostscript-5.50-a4			unzip-5.40
	ghostscript-5.50			usbutil-0.4
	ghostview-1.5				vat-4.0b2
	gif2png-2.3.2				vic-2.8ucl4
	giflib-4.1.0				viewfax-2.3
	gifsicle-1.17				vim-5.6-light
	gimp-1.1.17				viz-1.1.1
	glib-1.2.7				vnc-3.3.2r3
	gmake-3.78.1				vrfy-99.05.22
	gnuchess-4.0.80				w3m-0.1.8
	gnugo-2.6				waveplay-1.0
	gnuls-4.0				wb-1.59
	gnupg-1.0.1				wdiff-0.5
	gnushogi-1.2.3				weblint-1.020
	gofer-2.30a				webmin-0.79
	gperf-2.7.19981006			wget-1.5.3
	gracula-3.0				wget-msgs-1.5.3-ru
	gsl-0.3b				wide-dhcp-
	gsm-1.0.10				wily-0.13.41
	gtk+-1.2.7				windowmaker-0.62.1
	guavac-1.2				wine-990225
	guile-1.3				wmx-6pre1
	gv-3.5.8				workman-1.3a
	ha-0.999b				wterm-6.2.6
	hackdata				wwwcount-2.5
	hexedit-1.1.0				x2vnc-1.0
	hoc-1.1					x2x-1.27
	hping-2.0b53				x48-0.4.0
	html-4.0b				xaniroc-1.02
	httptunnel-3.0				xantfarm-1.16
	icb-5.0.9				xarchie-2.0.10
	icmpinfo-1.11				xasteroids-5.0
	icon_interp-9.3.2			xbatt-1.2
	icon_lib-9.3.2				xbill-2.0
	id-utils-3.2d				xbl-1.0j
	idiff-1.0				xblast-2.6b
	indent-2.2.2				xbmbrowser-5.1
	info2html-1.1				xboard-4.0.7
	irc-2.10.1				xboing-2.4
	isearch-1.14				xcb-2.3
	ish-1.11				xcd-1.6
	isic-0.05				xcdplayer-2.2
	iso12083-1993				xchat-1.2.1
	iso8879-1986				xchomp-pl1
	ispell-3.1.20				xco-1.3
	ja-Wnn-4.2				xcoloredit-1.2
	ja-Wnndict-4.2				xcolors-1.3
	ja-fonts-gnu-1.2			xcopilot-0.6.6
	ja-groff-1.10_0.99			xcubes-5.4.4
	ja-jvim-2.0r-canna			xcyrillic-1.1
	ja-jvim-2.0r-wnn-canna			xd-8087
	ja-jvim-2.0r-wnn			xdaliclock-2.11
	ja-jvim-2.0r				xdeblock-1.0
	ja-kinput2-3.0-canna-wnn		xdelta-1.1.1
	ja-kinput2-3.0-canna			xdino-5.4.4
	ja-kinput2-3.0-wnn			xdtm-2.5.8
	ja-kterm-6.2.0-xaw3d			xdu-2.1
	ja-kterm-6.2.0				xemacs-20.4-mule
	ja-less-3.32p2.48			xemacs-20.4
	ja-nkf-1.62				xephem-3.2.2
	ja-onew-canna-2.2.10			xevil-1.5
	ja-onew-wnn4-2.2.10			xfed-1.0
	ja-onew-wnn4-canna-2.2.10		xfedor-1.0
	jade-1.2.1				xfig-3.2.3a
	jbigkit-1.1				xfm-1.3.2
	jed-0.99.10				xforms-0.88
	jive-1.1				xfstt-1.1
	joe-2.8					xgas-1.0
	john-1.6				xgolgo-1.0
	jpeg-6b					xjewel-1.6
	kaffe-1.0.5				xjig-2.4
	kakasi-2.3.1				xkobo-1.11-harder
	kanjips					xkobo-1.11
	kdbg-1.0.2				xlbiff-3.0
	kdelibs-1.1.2				xless-1.7
	ko-Wnn-4.2				xlife-3.0
	ko-Wnndict-4.2				xloadimage-3.03
	l0phtcrack-2.52				xlogout-1.1
	lclint-2.4b				xmahjongg-3.3
	lesstif-0.89.9				xmake-1.01
	lha-1.14f				xmbdfed-4.4
	libIDL-0.6.5				xmine-1.0.3
	libaudiofile-0.1.9			xmix-2.1
	libghttp-1.0.4				xmj-1.0
	libgii-0.1				xml2rfc
	libicq-0.33				xmmix-1.2
	libident-0.22				xmold-1.0
	libnet-1.0				xmysql-1.9
	libnids-1.13				xmysqladmin-1.0
	libproplist-0.10.1			xneko-4.4
	libslang-1.4.0				xntp3-5.93e-export
	libtool-1.3.3				xonix-1.4
	libxml-1.0.0				xosview-1.7.3
	licq-0.61				xpaint-2.5.5
	links-0.84				xpat2-1.04
	linux_lib-2.6.1				xpdf-0.90
	linuxdoc-1.1				xpostit-3.3.1
	lmbench-1.1				xprompt-1.4
	logsurfer-1.5				xroach-4.4
	lupe-0.07				xruskb-1.13.0
	lyx-1.0.0				xskat-3.3
	lzo-1.06				xsol-2.1.1
	m4-1.4					xsoldier-0.96
	magicpoint-1.05a			xspread-2.1
	malsync-1.6				xtacy-1.13
	mawk-1.3.3				xtattr-1.0
	mess822-0.58				xtestpicture-1.1
	metamail-2.7				xtimer-0.8087
	mgdiff-1.0				xtoolwait-1.1
	micq-0.4.5				xtraceroute-0.8.14
	mirror-2.9				xwpe-1.5.22a
	mm-1.0.12				xzoom-0.3
	mouseclock-1.0				ytalk-3.1.1
	movemail-1.0				zap-1.1
	mp3cddb					zebra-0.85
	mp3encode-1.10				zh-Wnn-4.2
	mp3info-0.2.16				zh-Wnndict-4.2
	mpack-1.5				zh-c2t-1.0
	mpage-2.5-a4				zh-cless-290
	mpage-2.5-legal				zoo-2.10.1
	mpage-2.5-us-letter			zsh-3.0.7-static
	mpeg_lib-1.3.1				zsh-3.0.7
	mpeg_play-2.4				zsh-3.1.6-static
	mpegaudio-3.9				zsh-3.1.6

	Xaw3d-1.5				mp3encode-1.10
	aalib-1.2				mp3info-0.2.16
	abiword-0.7.7				mpeg_lib-1.3.1
	autoconf-2.13				mpegaudio-3.9
	axe-6.1.2				mpg123-0.59r
	bash-2.04				mutt-1.0.1i-slang
	beav-1.40-13				netpipes-4.1.1-export
	bison-1.27				nmh-1.0.4
	bonnie-1.0				nspmod-0.1
	bvi-1.2.0				nvi-m17n-1.79.19991117
	bytebench-3.1				png-1.0.3
	bzip2-0.9.5d				psutils-1.17-a4
	dgpsip-1.32				rplay-3.3.0
	dxpc-3.8.0				rsync-2.4.1
	emacs-20.3-no_x11			rxvt-2.7.2
	emacs-20.3				screen-3.9.5
	enscript-1.6.1				sharutils-4.2
	ethereal-0.8.7				sox-12.15
	fetchmail-5.3.8				tar-1.13
	freetype-1.3				tcsh-6.09.00
	freeze-2.5				teTeX_texmf-1.0.2
	gettext-0.10.35				tosha-0.6
	giflib-4.1.0				tracker-5.3
	glib-1.2.7				unace-1.2b
	gmake-3.78.1				unzip-5.40
	gnuls-4.0				viewfax-2.3
	gsm-1.0.10				vim-5.6-gtk
	gtk+-1.2.7				vim-5.6-light
	ha-0.999b				waveplay-1.0
	hexedit-1.1.0				wget-1.5.3
	id-utils-3.2d				xcdplayer-2.2
	ispell-3.1.20				xcolors-1.3
	jed-0.99.10				xephem-3.2.2
	joe-2.8					xmix-2.1
	jpeg-6b					xmmix-1.2
	lesstif-0.89.9				xntp3-5.93e-export
	lha-1.14f				xpdf-0.90
	libslang-1.4.0				xspread-2.1
	lzo-1.06				xwpe-1.5.22a
	m4-1.4					zoo-2.10.1
	metamail-2.7				zsh-3.0.7

	9menu-1.5				mtools-
	9wm-1.1					mtr-0.41
	ADMfzap-0.1				mutt-1.0.1i-curses
	ADMsmb-0.2				mutt-1.0.1i-slang-imap-pop
	ADMsnmp-0.1				mutt-1.0.1i-slang
	CDDB-1.02				nasm-0.98
	LPRng-3.6.12				nbaudit-1.0
	MIME-Base64-2.11			ncftp-2.4.3
	MPEG-MP3Info-0.71			nedit-5.0.2
	Mesa-3.0				nemesis-1.0
	ORBit-0.5.0				nessus-0.98.3
	PGPlib					nethack-3.3.0-x11
	Wnn-data-4.2				nethack-3.3.0
	Wnn-xwnmo-4.2				netpipe-2.3
	XPostitPlus-2.3				netpipes-4.1.1-export
	Xaw3d-1.5				netris-0.5
	aalib-1.2				newsfetch-1.21
	abiword-0.7.7				nmap-2.3b18
	adcomplain-3.49				nmapfe-0.9.5
	afterstep-1.8.0				nmh-1.0.4
	amanda-2.4.1p1				nsping-0.8
	amaya-2.4				nspmod-0.1
	amaya-english-dict			nte-1.7.0
	amaya-french-dict			ntop-1.1
	an-0.93					nvi-m17n-1.79.19991117
	analog-4.1				ocaml-2.04
	apc-upsd				otcl-1.0a4
	arpcatch				p5-DBI-1.13
	arpwatch-2.1a4				p5-Mail-POP3Client-2.3
	asclock-1.0-breton			par-1.51
	asclock-1.0-czech			pchar-1.1.1
	asclock-1.0-dutch			php3-3.0.16
	asclock-1.0-english			piewm-1.0
	asclock-1.0-french			pilot-link-0.9.3
	asclock-1.0-german			pilot_makedoc-0.7
	asclock-1.0-hungarian			pkfonts300-1.0
	asclock-1.0-italian			plor-0.3.2
	asclock-1.0-norwegian			png-1.0.3
	asclock-1.0-portuguese			pngcrush-1.4.1
	asclock-1.0-spanish			pop3gwd-1.2
	asclock-1.0-swedish			popa3d-0.4
	asmail-0.50				popclient-3.0b6
	aterm-0.3.6				poppassd-4.0
	aub-2.0.5				postfix-19991231-pl06
	autoconf-2.13				postgresql-6.5.3
	automake-1.4				procmail-3.14
	axe-6.1.2				proxy-suite-1.7
	base64-1.0				psutils-1.17-a4
	bash-1.14.7-static			publicfile-0.52
	bash-1.14.7				python-1.5.2-tk-tools
	bash-2.04-static			python-1.5.2
	bash-2.04				qmail-1.03
	beav-1.40-13				qmailanalog-0.70
	bibview-2.2				queso-980922
	bing-1.0.4				rat-3.0
	bison-1.27				rc-1.6
	blackbox-			rclock-2.6.1
	blackbox-			recode-3.5
	bladeenc-0.92				remind-0.3
	blast-1.0				rplay-3.3.0
	bnetd-0.4.19				rsync-2.4.1
	boehm-gc-4.12				rsynth-2.0
	bonnie-1.0				rtptools-1.9
	bounix-1.21				rtty-3.2
	bricons-3.0				ruby-1.4.3
	buffer-1.17.1				rxp-1.1
	bulk_mailer-1.5				rxvt-2.7.2
	bvi-1.2.0				sam-4.3-19980506
	bytebench-3.1				samba-2.0.6
	bzip2-0.9.5d				screen-3.9.5
	c2html-0.9				sdd-1.22
	calc-2.11.1t3.0				sdr-2.7e
	catdoc-0.90b4				serialmail-0.75
	cdrecord-1.6.1				setquota-0.1
	cfs-1.3.3				seyon-2.14b
	cgichk-3.0				sftp-0.8.1
	cgiparse-0.8e				sgmlformat-1.6
	cgoban-1.9.10				sharity-light-1.2
	checkpassword-0.81			sharutils-4.2
	clog-1.6				shtool-1.4.7
	common-1.0.6				slash-3.2.2-e8-x11
	connect4-3.2				slash-3.2.2-e8
	cops-1.04				slirp-1.0c
	ctm					slrn-
	ctwm-3.5				smurflog-2.1
	curl-6.5.2				snort-1.5.1
	cyrproxy-1.4.2				socket-1.1
	d1489-1.4				sox-12.15
	daemontools-0.70			sp-1.2.1
	dante-1.1.1				spider-1.1
	deco-3.8.3				splitvt-1.6.3
	decss-0.0.5				squid-2.2
	dejagnu-1.3				star-1.2
	delay-1.4				starlanes-1.2.2
	detex-2.6				stat-1.3
	dgpsip-1.32				strobe-1.06
	dialog-0.6z				stunnel-3.8
	dopewars-1.4.7				swisswatch-0.06
	dot-forward-0.71			tar-1.13
	dxpc-3.8.0				tcl-8.0.5
	efax-0.9				tcl-8.3.0
	electricfence-2.0.5			tcpblast-1.0
	emacs-20.3-no_x11			tcpflow-0.12
	emacs-20.3				tcpreplay-1.0.1
	emiclock-2.0.2				tcptrace-5.2.1
	enscript-1.6.1				tcs-19950325
	epic4-pre2.507				tcsh-6.09.00-static
	es-0.9a1				tcsh-6.09.00
	esound-0.2.16				teTeX_base-1.0.7
	ethereal-0.8.7				teTeX_texmf-1.0.2
	expat-1.1				texi2html-1.52
	expect-5.31				tf-4.0s1
	ezmlm-0.53				tidy-13jan00
	fastforward-0.51			tiff-3.5.4
	fetchmail-5.3.8				tintin-1.5.6
	figlet-2.2				tircproxy-0.4.3
	firewalk-0.8				tk-8.0.5
	fltk-1.0.7				tk-8.3.0
	flwm-0.25				tkcron-2.12
	fping-1.20				tkcvs-6.0
	fragrouter-1.6				tkinfo-2.5
	freeciv-1.10.0				tkrat-2.0b9
	freefonts-0.10				tosha-0.6
	freetype-1.3				tracker-5.3
	freeze-2.5				trafshow-3.1
	gd-1.8.1				transfig-3.2.3
	gdbm-1.8.0				transproxy-0.4
	getbdf-1.0				tvtwm-pl11
	gettext-0.10.35				ucspi-tcp-0.88
	ghostscript-5.50-a4			unace-1.2b
	ghostscript-5.50			unzip-5.40
	ghostview-1.5				usbutil-0.4
	gicq-0.33				vat-4.0b2
	gif2png-2.3.2				vic-2.8ucl4
	giflib-4.1.0				viewfax-2.3
	gifsicle-1.17				viz-1.1.1
	gimp-1.1.17				vnc-3.3.2r3
	glib-1.2.7				vrfy-99.05.22
	gmake-3.78.1				w3m-0.1.8
	gnuchess-4.0.80				waveplay-1.0
	gnugo-2.6				wdiff-0.5
	gnuls-4.0				weblint-1.020
	gnupg-1.0.1				webmin-0.79
	gofer-2.30a				wget-1.5.3
	gperf-2.7.19981006			wget-msgs-1.5.3-ru
	gracula-3.0				wide-dhcp-
	gsl-0.3b				wily-0.13.41
	gsm-1.0.10				windowmaker-0.62.1
	gtk+-1.2.7				wmx-6pre1
	gtkglarea-1.2.2				wterm-6.2.6
	guile-1.3				x2vnc-1.0
	gv-3.5.8				x2x-1.27
	ha-0.999b				x48-0.4.0
	hackdata				xaniroc-1.02
	hoc-1.1					xantfarm-1.16
	hping-2.0b53				xarchie-2.0.10
	html-4.0b				xasteroids-5.0
	httptunnel-3.0				xbill-2.0
	icb-5.0.9				xbl-1.0j
	icmpinfo-1.11				xblast-2.6b
	icon_interp-9.3.2			xbmbrowser-5.1
	icon_lib-9.3.2				xboard-4.0.7
	id-utils-3.2d				xcb-2.3
	idiff-1.0				xcd-1.6
	indent-2.2.2				xcdplayer-2.2
	info2html-1.1				xchat-1.2.1
	irc-2.10.1				xchomp-pl1
	isearch-1.14				xco-1.3
	ish-1.11				xcoloredit-1.2
	isic-0.05				xcolors-1.3
	iso12083-1993				xcopilot-0.6.6
	iso8879-1986				xcubes-5.4.4
	ispell-3.1.20				xcyrillic-1.1
	ja-Wnn-4.2				xd-8087
	ja-Wnndict-4.2				xdaliclock-2.11
	ja-fonts-gnu-1.2			xdeblock-1.0
	ja-groff-1.10_0.99			xdelta-1.1.1
	ja-jvim-2.0r-wnn			xdino-5.4.4
	ja-jvim-2.0r				xdu-2.1
	ja-kinput2-3.0-wnn			xemacs-20.4
	ja-kterm-6.2.0-xaw3d			xephem-3.2.2
	ja-kterm-6.2.0				xevil-1.5
	ja-less-3.32p2.48			xfed-1.0
	ja-nkf-1.62				xfedor-1.0
	ja-onew-wnn4-2.2.10			xfig-3.2.3a
	jade-1.2.1				xfm-1.3.2
	jbigkit-1.1				xforms-0.88
	jed-0.99.10				xfstt-1.1
	jive-1.1				xgas-1.0
	joe-2.8					xgolgo-1.0
	jpeg-6b					xjewel-1.6
	jpilot-0.98				xjig-2.4
	kakasi-2.3.1				xkobo-1.11-harder
	kanjips					xkobo-1.11
	ko-Wnn-4.2				xlbiff-3.0
	ko-Wnndict-4.2				xless-1.7
	l0phtcrack-2.52				xlife-3.0
	lclint-2.4b				xloadimage-3.03
	lesstif-0.89.9				xlogout-1.1
	lha-1.14f				xmahjongg-3.3
	libIDL-0.6.5				xmake-1.01
	libaudiofile-0.1.9			xmbdfed-4.4
	libghttp-1.0.4				xmine-1.0.3
	libgii-0.1				xmix-2.1
	libicq-0.33				xmj-1.0
	libident-0.22				xmmix-1.2
	libnet-1.0				xmold-1.0
	libnids-1.13				xneko-4.4
	libproplist-0.10.1			xntp3-5.93e-export
	libslang-1.4.0				xonix-1.4
	libtool-1.3.3				xosview-1.7.3
	libxml-1.0.0				xpaint-2.5.5
	links-0.84				xpat2-1.04
	linuxdoc-1.1				xpdf-0.90
	lmbench-1.1				xpostit-3.3.1
	logsurfer-1.5				xprompt-1.4
	lupe-0.07				xroach-4.4
	lzo-1.06				xruskb-1.13.0
	m4-1.4					xskat-3.3
	magicpoint-1.05a			xsol-2.1.1
	malsync-1.6				xsoldier-0.96
	mawk-1.3.3				xspread-2.1
	mess822-0.58				xtacy-1.13
	metamail-2.7				xtattr-1.0
	mgdiff-1.0				xtestpicture-1.1
	micq-0.4.5				xtimer-0.8087
	mirror-2.9				xtoolwait-1.1
	mm-1.0.12				xtraceroute-0.8.14
	mouseclock-1.0				xwpe-1.5.22a
	movemail-1.0				xzoom-0.3
	mp3cddb					ytalk-3.1.1
	mp3encode-1.10				zap-1.1
	mp3info-0.2.16				zebra-0.85
	mpack-1.5				zh-Wnn-4.2
	mpage-2.5-a4				zh-Wnndict-4.2
	mpage-2.5-legal				zh-c2t-1.0
	mpage-2.5-us-letter			zh-cless-290
	mpeg_lib-1.3.1				zoo-2.10.1
	mpeg_play-2.4				zsh-3.0.7-static
	mpegaudio-3.9				zsh-3.0.7
	mpg123-0.59r				zsh-3.1.6-static
	mrtd-1.6.0a				zsh-3.1.6

This space not left unintentionally unblank.		deraadt@openbsd.org
Open Source means some restrictions apply, limits are placed, often
severe. Free Software has _no_ serious restrictions.  OpenBSD is Free

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