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Archivio: openbsd@sikurezza.org
Soggetto: OpenBSD advocacy
Mittente: Gerardo Santana Gómez Garrido
Data: 18 Apr 2001 10:54:01 -0000
Saluti ad ognuno

I may be wrong, but I've just known about an Italian effort
to advocate OpenBSD (www.openbsd.it). It's great OpenBSD
is having more support by its users.

We're doing our job too at openbsd.org.mx, we have already
goals and projects for advocating OpenBSD. The web is just
one idea of the whole project.

As you'll see at www.openbsd.org.mx/~santana/proyectos.php
(Spanish) the ultimate project/goal is to conform a team
to help develop OpenBSD among other projects.

I think we can team up advocating OpenBSD.

With the web, we intend to give the exact information the
user was looking for, at his/her fingertips. We'll provide
Guides (for guided instructions to accomplish something
specific), Articles (more general, topic free) and a Getting
Started Guide (for those people who doesn't read the first
 mail and man afterboot and always ask for this).

We're building a FAQ for those questions the official FAQ
miss and the Troubleshooting section for those frequently
asked questions about specific problems, so the user will
find his/her answer easily and faster.

As you can see the web is mostly about how the information
is delivered to the user, and its quality.

We could work separately and still you can always take our
docs, and we take yours. But I'm sure we could make a better
job if we team up.

We just need to agree in a set of common goals. Ours are here

We can team up, sharing ideas and projects, and still respect
 each other zone and goals.

I wish you success in your project.


ISC. Gerardo Santana Gomez Garrido
OpenBSD Mexico http://www.openbsd.org.mx

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