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Archivio: openbsd@sikurezza.org
Soggetto: iso, copyright?
Mittente: goony@xxxxxxxxx
Data: 12 Oct 2001 08:10:20 -0000
Salve, ancora io...
Stavo leggendo http://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq3.html#3.1.2 ....

"The official OpenBSD CD-ROM layout is copyright Theo de Raadt. Theo does not permit people to redistribute images of the official OpenBSD CDs. As an incentive for people to buy the CD set, some extras are included in the package as well (artwork, stickers etc).

Note that only the CD layout is copyrighted, OpenBSD itself is free. Nothing precludes someone else to just grab OpenBSD and make their own CD. If for some reason you want to download a CD image, try searching the mailing list archives for possible sources. Of course, any OpenBSD ISO images available on the Internet either violate Theo de Raadt's copyright or are not official images. The source of an unofficial image may or may not be trustworthy, it is up to you to determine this for yourself. We suggest that people who want to download OpenBSD for free use the FTP install option."

Cioe'? ;-) In questo caso cosa s'intende per layout?
In un caso pratico...: se volessi distribuire (nel modo pił legale possibile...) delle copie di OpenBSD alla SMAU? Posso farlo?
Cambia se distribuisco cd con le iso o direttamente con su OpenBSD?

  fatemi sapere, possibilmente prima della smau... :-)

   saluti, goony

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